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Milan Rooney sowing disaster to Milan

4-0 tilt to MU, the results are difficult to guess the actual Old Trafford on Wednesday evening at the weekly round 16 Team Champions League. And Wayne Rooney is the source of the attack that epic victory.

England striker is the author's first two goals in the return leg MU last night.Can be viewed as a turning point that decided the match, when both strengthen the door and psychological advantage over Milan in the MU just push the drowning, pressing all the secrets superficial.The leg on the San Siro, MU also has great advantage when Milan defeated with the score 3-2 (Rooney today also double-up calls).

  Two goals up through the rest of the MU were recorded by the Park Ji-Sung and Darren Fletcher.
  Milan side, the only bright spot is probably David Beckham, although he is only in the field for nearly 30 minutes late when the score was 3-0.  However, all efforts of individual players are attached to MU 12, still not enough for the current team have been discussed honor.Prior to field Beckham, Milan have the rare opportunity but Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo or Huntelaar are not able to take advantage.
  Thus, after two weekly match and go on, MU won the final with 7-2 special, win tickets to the quarterfinals with mood cheer, deserves to be respected. T An extended Serie A, a monument in C1/Champions League Cup but lost to a weakness, lack of responsibility and small pale identity.
Rooney is devastated as any defense.  He has 30 goals this season.
  In confrontation with United twice before, in 2005 and 2007, Milan had difficulty but always know the right rise and spectacular on to win (which is also in their final two seasons)But then led Milan Carlo Ancelotti is a seasoned experience.  This time, the seat of their training in the young Leonardo is the ability to create power from pop psychology for students and shortage of goods in terms of processing legal auction.
He may take the absence of a pillar recovery by not promptly injury excuses. But consider a real, even if the yard is difficult to help Nesta in Milan player on more solid.  Jankulovski and Abate on either side wing proved very stagnated, while the duo Bonera and midfielder Thiago Silva often revealing gaps death.
mk Where the first line, if Pato is promptly returned, the opportunity for Milan is perhaps not quite over the bag.  Their inspiration, Ronaldinho, completely off lim, whether directly opposite to his often only a Gary Neville old. C Throughout the half, notable only the first header by Ronaldinho, the kick of a team, make the ball deviate in the gang near vertical column inch.  And finally single out Pirlo's quick feet in just 20 minutes block edge location, Van der Sar makes a player must take up the rhythm babbles embrace the new ball.


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